Stainless Steel Legs for Fender Rhodes EP


You are looking at a set of 4 rust proof polished stainless steel legs for any Rhodes Stage Piano.

These legs are the same size and shape as the original Rhodes part.



The front legs height is adjustable. This feature will allow you, to tilt the piano.

The back legs are prepared to be used with the original leg braces or with our rust proof stainless steel model.The leg braces improve the overall stability of the piano.

All legs come with plastic ends so that no scraches on the floor result from the legs use. The back legs have levelling feet for slight height adjustments


We manufacture these legs with the best materials available.

We decided to use Polished Stainless Steel, despite its higher cost, due to the following properties:

- Rust proof

-Harder than cold steel

-Polished surface

Sold in sets of 4.

As an optional, you can find our leg braces here, and our brace knob here.

Buy one complete Kit (legs, braces and knob) and save on shipping!


We are seriously convinced that these are the best Legs for Fender-Rhodes pianos available on the marked. Feel free to send your views on this.

Worldwide shipping.