Yarn for Hohner Clavinet


You are looking at a replacement Yarn kit for you Hohner Clavinet.

All Clavinet models included: I, II, C, L, D6, E7 and Clavinet Pianet Duo.



The Clavinet's Yarn serves the purpose of damping excessive string sustain.

A clavinet with a bad Yarn will not have the proper envelope, the ringing time of the strings will not be correct.

Since all clavinets are well over 20 years, usualy the Yarn is rotten.

I recomend re-yarning the clavinet if you are changing its strings.

Since the Yarn pattern can only be properly made with the strings installed, it is easier to re-yarn the Clavinet than to try to use the old yarn with the new strings.

One bag will have the correct quantity to re-yarn one Clavinet.

Instalation instructions included.


Insured shipping.

Will ship worldwide.