Repair & Restoration Services

If you are looking for repair or restoration services in your vintage keyboard, amp or other musical gear, please don't hesitate to contact us.

With a portfolio of clients including many of the best local musicians, as well as professional audio companies and with over 10 years of experience in the repair and restoration business, we offer a service that focus on quality and professionalism.

Please check some of our latest work:


Leonidas Spartan 30

This amp was comissioned and custom built from scratch for guitarrist Pedro Leonidas. Pedro made his choices on looks, timbre and components. We provided technical advice and built the electronics.

BINSON PO601 - 100W Tube Power Amp

1970 Binson power amp.

The rotten cabling , rust and general wear mandated a complete rebuild of this amp.

Sweet sounding Hammond M-100 that needed a repair in the Reverb Amp as well as a full Vibrato Scanner rebuild.
Rhodes Stage 73 MkII Refurbishment of a Rhodes piano that included: electroplating the harp components, new damper, pedestal, balance and guide felts. New hammer tips and grommets.
Oberheim 4-Voice Repair and customization of a legendary 4-voice. Modules repaired and calibrated, polyphonic midi kit retrofited.

New weighted keyboard.

Hohner Pianet New hammer tips and tunning.
Binson Echorec The greatest echo machine known to man.

New cabling, electrolytics and other components.

Echo Echosonic Lovely sounding 6v6 blues amp with very sensitive speakers.

New electrolytics, coupling caps, and metal film resistors.