Brass Plate & RCA for

Rhodes Electric Pianos Pickup Rail


You are looking at a replacement RCA and mounting Plate for any Rhodes Electric Piano. Replaces the pickup rail RCA and plate.

All models included: Stage, Suitcase, Piano Bass, Student etc...



Many Rhodes Pianos suffer from bad contact points in the pickup rail connection. Worn RCA plugs as well as rusted plates will indeed cause loss or intermittent signal as well as parasitic noises.


This Rhodes substitution RCA and Plate consits of 2 parts: one top quality Gold RCA made by Neutrik; and one 100% Brass machined plate.

Due to the properties of brass, this plate will not rust or loose it conductivity assuring a pickup rail connection free of resistance and noise.

The original Rhodes Plate was made of steel wich will not pass electricity as well as brass and will rust over time.


We are seriously convinced that this Brass Plate and Gold RCA is the best Rhodes Pickup Rail connection part available on the market.

We use the best materials and produce the part through indutrial methods.

Guaranteed satisfaction and long, long years of service.

Will ship worldwide.