Power Transformer for vintage


You are looking at a top quality power transformer for vacuum tube amplifierss. This particular transformer will be compatible with vintage VOX AC30 amps.

It is also a very effective choice when building new tube amplifiers, especially those employing the GZ34 / 5AR4 Rectifier and Cathode Bias. Common power tubes for its electrical specifications would be the EL84, ECL86 etc in both Single Ended or Push-Pull mode. Many other circuits and tubes could employ this transformer.

Electrical Specifications:

Primary: 230VAC/50Hz


a) 280-0-280 VAC, 160mA

b) 6.3V, 6A

c) 5VAC, 3A

Electrostatic shield between Primary and Secondary

Mechanical Specifications:

Lamination type: EI120

Mounting: Horizontal with one end bell and nylon washers

Distance between hole centers: 100mm x 80mm


Since this transformer was made using metric laminations, when using it to replace one made with imperial laminations, it might be necessary to widen the mounting holes by 2mm. This might be the case when replacing a power transformer in the compatible VOX amps.

Will ship worldwide.