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5 Channel Tube Buffer   

The Skorpio Tube Buffer is a rack mount device consisting on five buffer amplifiers in a single box.

Each amplifier has two stages. First a gain stage with 18db gain regenerates the incoming signal. The second stage provides a low impedance output, through a cathode follower with an output resistance of 450 Ohm.

The device can be used for signal regeneration and impedance matching in an effects loop or as a buffer amp for DAW recording.

Linked bellow are samples recorded through the device before the interface of a DAW. The first part of the sample is the sound of the instrument passed through the Skorpio Tube Buffer and then fed to the DAW interface. After a short silece, the same exact setup plays, this time, the tube buffer is removed from the circuit and the signal is fed directly to the DAW interface.

Raw files

Normalized Files

The Skorpio Tube Buffer was built using the best parts and techniques in tube electronics. Each amp is individualy shielded and the components are wired point-to-point in an eyelet board.

Here is a sample from the parts list: CTS potentiometers, carbon composition resistors, orange drop capacitors, Cliff plugs, cloth covered high voltage cables and 12AU7 JJ Selected Tubes.

The power supply is rectified through a 6X4 tube and choke filtered.

Both front and back panels are engraved in stainless steel.

Some mesurements taken at full level with a sine wave input of -20dBu:

Gain: 18dBu

Output Resistance: 450 Ohms

Frequency response: flat from 20Hz-20KHz with a fluctuation of 0,5db

Total harmonic distortion: 0,4%THD

Recording and Measurement equipment:

Marconi Distortion Meter TF2337

Fluke 123 Industrial Scope Meter

Pro Tools LE 7.4 and Digidesign 002 Audio Interface.