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St35 Ultralinear


The St35 Ultralinear is a Stereo all tube power amplifier

The design is based on the famous Dynaco St35 but with an upgraded power supply and dual level indicators.

Assembly was made using point-to-point wiring (no PCBs).


The setup for this amp is:

2 12DW7 Input tubes.

4 EL84 Power tubes in Push-Pull Ultralinear operation.

2 EM80 Level indicators.

1 GZ34 Full wave rectifier filtered by a 4H Choke.


Power: 30 Watts RMS

Frequency Response: +-1dB 20Hz-20Khz

Intermodulation distortion: Less than 1% with 1Volt input.

Headroom: 70dB

Input impedance: 500KOhm

Output Impedance: 4, 8 and 16 Ohm


The St35 amps are assembled to order and have a lead time of 30 days before the unit is shipped.


Worldwide shipping.