Power Transformer for Wurlitzer 200 Series Electric Pianos


You are looking at a top quality power transformer for Wurlitzer 200 Series electric pianos.

Models include 200, 200A, 203, 206, 207, 213 etc.

Specific version will be supplied for your particular solid state model.

These transformers have all the required windings in the secondary section: Main Supply and Plate Supply.

The primary section is either 230VAC or 117VAC depending on shipping location.

Our transformer is premium quality because:

a)It is an exact fit, no drilling necessary. Compatible with the original mounting holes and threads.

b)It has metal covers on both sides, making it robust and safe.

c)Built using Silicon steel laminations (M6-.35mm width) for greater permeability and efficiency.

Connection instructions included.

Will ship worldwide.