Control Voltage Pedal

Linear and Oscillating Control Voltage for Analog Synths.


Performing with an Analog Synth, consists mainly in real time Timbre shaping.

The Analog performer will share his attention between the keyboard manual and the panel.

Intended to release your hands to other tasks, such as playing chords, this Control Voltage(CV) Pedal can control all synthesizer's functions that have a control voltage input.

This pedal can produce the following signals:

0 to +5V : As used in most current equipment both analog and digital. The current moog line works with this standard.

0 to +10V : Used in most vintage synths. Moog, Yamaha, Roland, Sequential, Arp etc...

-5 to +5 : Used by Analog Korg: Mono/Poly, MS-10, MS-20, MS-50, Polysix, PS Modular Series, Trident, VC-10 Vocoder among others.



The pedal also has a Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO).

More than just controlling the synth in linear mode, it can also modulate it in oscillating mode using its own LFO.

This feature will add more modulation possibilities to you analog synthesizer.



When the switch is pressed, the pedal will engage the LFO. Frequency ranges from 0.1Hz to 20Hz. The position of the pedal will control the LFO's depth.

There is also a rotary knob that changes the frequency of the LFO.

Pressing the button again will make it return to linear control.



The chassis is made out of stainless steel,that is both strong and rust proof.The lettering is engraved and will not chip out.

Runs on a DC adapter(included).

Built to endure the worst operational conditions.


Watch these Quicktime videos below. You will hear a few short clips of one of these pedals controlling a Roland Juno-60 Low Pass Filter:


In the next set of clips, the CV Pedal is controlling a Korg Trident Low Pass Filter:

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