Korg Trident

Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer c.1980


For Sale is one Korg Trident.

This particular unit was just serviced and is ready to play.

Overall condition is very good. No rust, dents or excessive wear.

From VIntage Synth Explorer:

"The Trident is a polyphonic and programmable instrument with three independent sections - Synthesizer, Brass, and Strings, released in 1980. It features 8 voices of polyphony and two of the instrument sections can be played simultaneously while in Split Keyboard mode.


 Each section has its own unique VCO voice architecture, VCF filter types, and LFO capabilities. The Brass section's VCF and Envelope Generators are virtually the same as the Synthesizer section, allowing the Brass section to be used for generating additional synthy sounds as well as faux-brass sounds. The String section has some unique features as well such as a "Bowing" effect. Another unique effect included is a global flanger that can self-oscillate! Flanger controls include Speed, Feedback, Intensity and Manual.

The Trident features 16 user memory patches. In addition there are three preset memory patches for Piano 1, Piano 2 and Clavi. There is no way of externally playing the Trident with MIDI or CV/Gate without modifications (CV/Gate only controls expression and filter parameters). But the CV/Gate inputs are discrete for each of the three sections. There are also discrete mono outputs for each section and a mix output."



  Watch these Quicktime videos below. You will hear a few short clips of this particular Trident.

One of our CV Pedals is adding Modulation to the Korg Trident's CV inputs:

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