Damper Felt Kit




This Damper Felt Kit is for any Rhodes piano, replaces old damper felts that have stretched, grooved, or just plain fallen off. Includes 100 industrial grade pre-cut felts. Compatible with 54, 73 or 88 key pianos, MkI or MkII.

The dampers come in 2 sizes in distinct colors:

White Felts - For longer tines.

Beije Felts - For shorter tines.



Since all Rhodes pianos are now older than 20 years, most damper felts in these pianos are degraded.

A stretched damper will result in loss of hamonics, the tine will not vibrate freely.

A grooved damper will cause poor damping time. The note will not stop ringing once you lifted the key.



We recomend damper felt replacement to all Rhodes pianos that come to our repair shop with the described symptoms. If you would like to bring back clarity and control to your Rhodes, this Damper Felt Kit might be the best upgrade.



These parts are New in factory bag.

Worldwide shipping.