Pedestal Felt Modification Kit




This original Rhodes Pedestal Felt Modification Kit replaces old Pedestal felts that show excessive wear. Includes X-acto knife, brush and instructions.

If you happen to have a Rhodes Piano with "oldstyle" key Pedestal (made prior to 1978), you will be able to update it with this kit.

Available for 54, 73 or 88 key pianos



Since all Rhodes pianos are now older than 20 years, most Pedestal felts in these pianos are degraded.

A degraded pedestal felt will result in slow action. The old felts will act as brakes.

Other symptom is excessive recess between keys, leading to irregular action.



We recomend Pedestal felt replacement to all Rhodes pianos that come to our repair shop with slow action or excessive recess between keys.

If you would like to bring back speed and precision to your Rhodes keyboard action, this Damper Felt Kit might be the best upgrade.



Bid with confidence, we are official Rhodes parts distributors. These parts are 100% original and New in factory bag.

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