Wurlitzer EP

Reed Bar Shield

Here one reed bar static shield for any Wurlitzer electric piano.

This reed bar static shield has the same shape and dimensions of the original Wurltzer part and therefore is a direct replacement.

Designed and machined through computer controlled processes for top precision and quality.

The material used was stainless steel due to its high conductivity and excellent durability.

The Wurlitzer electric piano, as patented by Meissner in the 30's, uses an electrostatic pickup as the way of capturing the pitches from the tuned reeds.

This type of pickup has the drawback of being very prone to interference from external devices as well as developing parasitic noises (hiss, humm etc..).

In order to eliminate these problems, the reed bar of any Wurlitzer EP was factory covered with a static shield.

Throughout the years, many Wurlitzer EPs lost their reed bar static shield and became excessively noisy.

While not all noises on the piano might be due to the lack of static shield, it is not even remotely possible to have a quiet Wurlitzer EP without a reed bar static shield.


Will ship worldwide.