Sustain Pedal for Wurlitzer EP


Professional grade replacement pedal that will work perfectly with any Wurlitzer electric piano.



These pedals were designed through CAD/CAM industrial methods after the original Wurlitzer pedal. Basic shape was kept but the materials were much improved.



This extremely roadworthy pedal is covered on both sides with rubber, this feature will provide extra grip so that the pedal stays in place during performances.




The cable that attaches the pedal to the piano can be made to any length if the original length is not desired.

This might be the case if you dont have the original Wurlitzer legs.




As you can see in the pictures above, the mechanism is 100% metal which will make this pedal simpler and much more reinforced.





One unique feature of these pedals is the Tension Regulator.

We added a special part on the top of the pedal that will allow the user to make slight tension adjustments by rotating the part either left or right.

This feature might be very useful since it will allow to fine tune the pedal without having to disassemble it.



In conclusion, we designed and built a Wurlitzer pedal for extreme endurance that has the same basic shape of the original pedal, but is much stronger as well as mechanically improved.

The design and fabrication process applied modern methods of  Computer Aided Design / Manufacture for added productivity and precision.

This allows us to present you a professional grade sustain pedal at a very competitive price, without sacrificing quality or craftmanship.



Worldwide Shipping.